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Addon-Manager von GP4
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The Addon Manager expands the System (Image) with an user-friendly tool for the administration of the software which can be customized to your personal preferences. In the main window you dan customize following items over the MENU button:

Button Description
1 - Settings Display Meta-Packages? on/ off / Ask if plugin needs to be stopped. On/Off
2 - Hide categories Hide selected categories.
3 - Display hidden categories Hidden categories will be displayed.
5 - Repair broken packages Repairs the packages, if dependencies are missing for manually installed packages.
6 - Remove unused packages Removes packages which are no longer required.
7 - Install local package You can select and install a local package.

The options 5 till 7 facilitate the installation of packages without use of the console, such as Telnet or PuTTY.

Within a category it is possible to change the sorting option over the MENU button. The options are: "name", "installed", "not installed" and "update". You can set a sorting for each category.

The personal settings are stored in the file /etc/enigma2/AddonFilterlistuser.json. By adding a new AddonFilterlist_xxx.json (xxx = name of your choice) it's possible to add external packages, e.g. plugins from the Onestep board.

Installation / Deinstallation of packages:

For the installation and/or deinstallation you can select multiple packages. Select the packages in the different categories with the arrow buttons and confirm with the OK button.

The Installation/Deinstallation is started in the main window. Get a list of the tasks with the red button, and start the proces with the green button.

After the installation is finished, it's possible to save a log file by pressing the blue button. You can leave the task list over the EXIT or OK button. The message to restart Enigma, should always be confirmed wit "yes".