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CVS Images

CVS (Concurrent Versions System) is a Software System to manage different versions of files, used mainly for Software source code - to enable different developers to work simultaneously on the same source code.

CVS Image stands for Dreambox Firmware, which was developed with en CVS system.

The dreamboxes, with CVS images, have the Enigma user interface:

  • DM500
  • DM56x0 (dm5600/dm5620)
  • DM7000

OE Images

OE (OpenEmbedded) is a collection of meta informationsand configuration files, which are used by BitBake, to build a Linux image for a dedicated devices or software packages for those devices.

The dreamboxen, which images are based on OE, are:


  • DM 500+
  • DM 600 PVR
  • DM 7020(si)


  • DM 7025(+)
  • DM 500 HD (v2)
  • DM 520
  • DM 525
  • DM 800 HD PVR
  • DM 800 HD se (v2)
  • DM 820 HD
  • DM 900
  • DM 8000 HD PVR
  • DM 7020 HD (v2)
  • DM 7080 HD

An overview of the Dreambox software can be found online.

A selfmade CVS- or OE-image corresponds with an original image, with some additional patches. The available CVS / OE images, which can be downloaded, have most of the time small patches and extentions of the image builder.

All images are based on a CVS- or OE-version. Dream-Multimedia builds also an OE-Images, which can be found at

OpenEmbedded Wiki

Here you can find the OpenEmbedded Wiki....