DVB Time

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DVB Time

DVB Time can be used to set the system time manually or automatically using the transponder, time server or remote control.


  • Manual/automatic comparison of the system time and transponder time
  • Set the transponder time as system time manually
  • Manual/automatic comparison of the system time and a ntp server
  • Set the time from a ntp server as system time manually or automatically
  • Set the system time with the remote control
  • sd,xd and hd skin ready
  • Languages Germen and English (translations can be done, *.po available in the plugin)
  • Can be installed in an OE 1.6 and OE 2.0 image

Installation / Deinstallation

Ambox notice.png The Plugin can be installed from the feed if GP3 is installed. Alternatively the Plugin can be installed manually, therefore the package can be downloaded from the database.

The enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-dvbtime Plugin can be installed in different ways:

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: Installation of ipk files over the software manager
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: OPKG - Package name: enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-dvbtime
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GP3 Addons - Category: Plugins (System)

Restart Enigma2 after the installation of the plugin. The Plugin can be found under SettingsSystem, or if activated in the main menu.


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