Differences from DM800 HD PVR to Cloneboxes

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Here you find details of the differences between a CloneBox 800 an the original DreamBox 800. The differences can deviate depending upon the CloneBox manufacturer or/and DMM can also change some components or something. If you have doubts whether your DreamBox is an original of DMM or if you surely have a CloneBox, then contact: plagiate@dream-multimedia-tv.de

  • Thanx to koepi for posting the pictures in the forum.
  • Thanx to ATR for the pictures of the newer Clone Box.
  • Thanx an DrFurunkel for new infos and pictures of the DVB-C Clone Forum

Here a list of the known differences between an original DM800 DH PVR and a plagiarism.

Housing screws

The Housing screws of the DM 800 are for tin metal sheet with a rough thread.

Schrauben DM.jpg

The Housing screws of the Clone 800 are with a fine thread. Update: meanwhile there are also cloneboxes with rough thread seen

Schrauben Clone.jpg

The screws at the back of the DM 800 differ from those of a clone 800. The screws for the eSATA connector are silver all other screws are black.

Schrauben DM 2.jpg

The screws at the back of the Clone 800 are silver up to the two housing screws.

Schrauben Clone 2.jpg

With the cable version of the clone 800, the tuner input is a "F-connector", an original Dreambox has an IEC connector. Also interesting: every screw is black and has rough thread.

800 dvb-c clone backside.jpg

Surface of the Housing

The frame cover of DM 800 is painted with a structure.

Gehaese DM.jpg

The frame cover the clone 800 is painted brilliant.

Gehaese Clone.jpg

HDMI cabel

The original HDMI cable of DM 800 is bound together with a rubber band.

HDMI Kabel DM.jpg

The HDMI cable Clone 800 is packed in a bag.

HDMI Kabel Clone.jpg

Power Supply Unit

The original Power Supply Unit of a DM 800 should look this way.

Netzteil DM.jpg

This is a Power Supply Unit from Clone Boxes

Netzteil Clone.jpg Netzteil Clone1.jpg


The modem of a DM 800 is covered with a not leading foil and on the back of the modem are components (IC, resistor …) to be seen.

Model DM.jpg

At the modem of a Clone 800 is missing the foil as well as the components.

Modem Clone.jpg

Dreambox Security SIM Card

The SC in the DM 800 is clearly to recognize marked and with a resin or an glue fixed.

SC Card DM1.jpg SC Card DM.jpg

Under the SC Card of a DM800 there are a lot of printed signs.


The SC of the Clone is blanc and not fixed. On new Clone versions are SC Card´s with Hologram.

SC Card Clone1.jpg SC Card Clone.jpg

Under the SC Card of a Clone there are a hand marked sign in this example an "A".

Dss clone.jpg

CPU Cooler

The DM 800 have no CPU heat sink or a CPU fan.

CPU DM.jpg

The Cloneboxes have a CPU heat sink or a CPU fan.

CPU Clone.jpg Fan dm800 clone.png

Label on mainboard

This DM 800 Mainboard are labelet with 800 REV: and the 14 pin connector is right of the sata connector.

Bezeichnung Platine Clone.jpg

On this Clone Box Mainboard is a label with DM800 REV: and the 14 pin connector is left of the sata connector.

Bezeichnung PlatineDM 800.jpg

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From July 2008 until June 2009, a Security Hologram was attached on the packing as well as on the rear side of the unit. Newer boxes again ship without this hologram.

Instead, in the future a plugin shall be available, calculating a verification number that can be entered and checked on Dream Multimedia's website.