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The Gemini Project

Dumbo - the dumb boot plugin

Do you have less flash-memory at your Dreambox for your daily Updates, Skins or Picons? Than Dumbo may be interesting for you. This plugin helps you to boot the Dreambox via a compressed image from a removable media like Compact Flash or USB-Stick.

Dumbo is not a tool for Multiboot but it supports to boot via removable drives. Of course you can backup this kind of image. This plugin also helps to create a swap-file (/media/swap/swapfile) at a size of 200MB. Because of this you can use Dumbo at Dreamboxes with less RAM (like the DM 7025) without having problems due to less memory while decompressing or maintaining the image. The swap-file is activated during the boot process of Dumbo as told in the /etc/fstab.

The Dumbo Plugin

You configure Dumbo in this steps. Install the plugin into the flash image (the main image in the Dreambox). Than plug in the Compact Flash card or your prefered media to create partitions on it. You will get two partitions. The first to create a bootable FAT file system and the second to create the main ext3 file system.

Now start the plugin Dumbo to choose the image that will be installed at your removable media. After about 5 minutes of decompression, installing and rebooting the Dreambox will be available for your new experiments.

The complete configuration of the Dumbo-Plugin is described in this article. Please take your time to read it carefully to get all requirements.

Good luck and have a lot of fun! :-)

This article is based at the forum-topic: Dumbo - the Dumb Boot Plugin (German language)


  • Configure bios of the corresponding box.
  • Prepare desired image for the Dumbo device.
  • Installation of Dumbo plugin.
  • Start Dumbo, partition the desired media and extract desired image to attached media.
  • Learn operation / functions of Dumbo.
  • To know the webinterface of Dumbo.
  • Able to update the Dumbo plugin.
  • Uninstall Dumbo if required.
  • Integrate Dumbo into BluePanel (optional).
  • Read chapter "Troubleshooting Dumbo Plugin".
  • To know the support thread of Dumbo.


  • Enigma2 based Dreambox.
  • Supported boxes are DM 7025 (+), DM 800HD PVR, DM 800HD se and DM 8000HD PVR.
    DM 500 HD should also work, but an USB mod (German language) is required.
  • An OE 1.6 image in flash, with recent second stage loader (e.g #82 or #83 depending on box typ).
    Images with SSL #76 are successfully tested onto Dumbo device. But care about updates.
    If current SSL will be replaced by an older one, booting from Dumbo device will no longer work.
    It only helps to update SSL manually via secondstage-dmxxx-xx.nfi, or via dreambox-secondstage_xx-dmxxx.ipk packet,
    unless flash memory is booting flawlessly.
  • Attached removable device needs at least 512MB.
  • Maximum supported device size is 32GB.
  • DM 7025 (+) needs a CF card as storage medium.
  • DM 500 HD, DM 800HD PVR, DM 800HD se and DM 8000HD PVR need an USB Stick as storage medium.
  • During setup, attach only desired media to the dreambox.
  • The desired device must be formated in FAT or FAT32.
  • Operation of telnet for packet installation.
  • Strong-willed to read the article before anger the family.

Installing Dumbo the dumb boot plugin

Bios-Configuration of the Dreambox

Bios - DM 8000 HD PVR
Bios - DM 7025 (+)

You need to prepare the Bios to be able to boot via a removable media containing the FAT filesystem.
The following chapter shows you the needed preparation for the different kind of Dreamboxes.

You need to activate USB Support at all Dreamboxes. But you do not need to activate this at the 7025.

Ambox notice.png Changing the Bios
Like flashing the Bios via Webbrowser you can connet to the Bios.
After you see "STOP" at the display you can connect via telnet ip_der_dreambox to the Bios. Than you can change the needed values.

Ambox notice.png Choose Bootsource
If you cannot change the values at Boot Source between Flash /CF / USB,
then use the [Page UP] or [Page Down] keys at your keyboard.

DM 500 HD

Primary boot source: usb [/autoexec_dm500.bat]

Secondary boot source: flash

DM 7025 (+)

Primary boot source: cf [/autoexec_dm7025.bat]

Secondary boot source: flash

DM 800HD PVR und DM 800HD se

Primary boot source: usb [/autoexec_dm800.bat]

Secondary boot source: flash


Primary boot source: usb [/autoexec_dm8000.bat]

Secondary boot source: flash

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To read the complete article please refere to the German version at:

Dumbo - das dumme Boot Plugin