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Enigma2 was introduced with the Dreambox 7025, which provide two tuners.
It also supports the HDTV-functions of the newest dreamboxes.
Enigma2 therefore is the new operating system of the Dreamboxes,
which is continuesly development.

It is used at the following boxtypes:

Dreambox 7025(+),800 und 8000

It was assumingly to much work for the developers to implement all the
improvement into Enigma1. Due to the redevelopment of the system Addons of Enigma1 couldn't be
used in Enigma2 and had to be rewritten by the particular pluginauthors.
Also the Skins from Enigma1 and Enigma2 are not compatible among each other.
Information about what had be changed at Enigma2 may be
found here ["cvs-mailinglist"): [1] [2]

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