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This article explains the File extentions which are typical for Dreamboxes.


  • *.ts
    file with the DVB Transport Stream, the actual recording
  • *.eit
    file with the EPG info and audio channels info
  • *.ts.ap
    video cut file, for the cut plugin
  • *.ts.meta
    meta info, used for the display of the movie list
  • *.ts.cuts
    stores the last position where the movie was stopped while playing
  • *.ts.ap und *
    file with info for cutting the movie with the MovieCut plugin. The second file stores several informations about the recorded movie. E.g. it includes the cut positions for the MovieCut plugin, or structure info about the .ts files for improved fast forward/rewind. Both files are mandatory, without those files the movie cannot be played without problems.