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GP3.2 Pictureplayer

With the GP3 (en) Pictureplayer (available since v0.66), it is possible to view your pictures or to show them as a slide show. Start the Pictureplayer over the Icon in the Blue Panel and choose the desired picture with the {Taste|OK}} button. Alternatively you can use the File browser (en), after selecting the picturepress the green button.

When multiple pictures are available, it is possible to use the navigation buttons to scroll through the pictures. A slide show can be started and stopped with the Play/Pause ▷ ◫ button of the remote control. The interval for changing the picture can be set in the settings.

The following functions are available:

  • Rotate picture(automatic based on Exif data or manual).
  • Show the pictures as a slide show (interval configurable).
  • Delete pictures.
  • Create preview pictures. The pictures will be stored as *.png format in Gemini-Cache (en) in the directory PictureIcons.
  • Set a colored frame around the pictures. Size (Offset) configurable in the settings.
  • Configurable color of the frame and background of the pictureplayer.
  • Configurable color of the text.

Description of the buttons

Button Description
INFO Display the informations about the picture (eg. resolution, file size, Exif Informations, GPS Position, etc.).
MENU In the file list the picture can be deleted or the settings can be opened. If a picture is selected the MENU button offers the possibility to rotate the picture manually.
EXIT Exit the Pictureplayer, or gets back into the picture list when a picture is displayed.
0 In the Pictureplayer as in the File Browser, the cursor jumps back to the first entry in the list.