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Ambox attention.png As of GP3.2 - 0.81-r1 and GP3.3 - 0.83-r2.10 the embedded weather forecast is no longer available.
Weather forecast

Since GP3.2 Version v0.79 a weather forecast is integrated in the Blue Panel by default. The weather data is provided by OpenWeatherMap. The Plugin has following features:

  • (configurable) forecast up to 14 days
  • Multiple cities configurable
  • Configurable display (e.g. clouds, wind, pressure, lunar phases, etc.)
  • Display of maps (e.g. snow, rain, wind, etc.), browser is required
  • Language can be set independent from the system language
  • Temperature graph of the selected city
  • Setting to choose which temperature schould be displayed first, day or night
  • The selected city can be opened in Google Maps, if installed


After opening the weather forecast, following features are avvailable.

Button description
Update Update of the weather data, for the selected city.
Cities Possibility to configure, edit, delete the desired cities.
Temperature Temperature graph of the selected city.
MENU To select the different maps (e.g. precipitation, temperature, etc.) which can be opened in the browser.

It's also possible to access the settings. There you can enable or disable different views, and set the desired language.


Configuration file

The settings for the plugins are stored in the gweatherlist.json file, in the directory weather of the Gemini Cache.