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eCommander (integrated in GP3.2 since v0.70) is a File manager with a two-column view, comparable with Total Commander, Krusader or Midnight Commander.

From the couch it's possible to use the remote control for:

  • Display the number of files, permissions, file type (below right)
  • Delete / copy / move / rename files or directories
  • Change the permissions
  • Create symlinks
  • Create directory
  • create file
  • Mark multiple files / directories or all
  • Install packages (*.ipk)
  • Unpack zip, rar, gz and bz2 archives
  • Create tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.lzma archives
  • Start scripts, films, pictures
  • Start directory is for both columns configurable

Start eCommander

The eCommander can be startet in the Datei Browser over the Mode button. If wanted, it's possible to set the eCommander as default file manager. Therefore change the settings in the File Manager over MENU and Settings. Set the desired mode for the entry start in which mode?.

Additional possibility is adding the eCommanders as Icon in the Blue Panel:

  • Blue PanelMENUSettings3eCommander


Switching between the left and right column can be done over the BOUQUET button. The current active column is indicated with a Dot green.png dot, the inactive with a Dot red.png dot. Alternatively you can use the for switching.

For file operations e.g. copy, move, unpack, etc. the desired source and target directory must be selected in the eCommander. Navigation is done over the navigation buttons of the remote control. The 0 button can be used to jump to the first entry of the directory. Keep in mind the file operations (copy, move, unpack, ...) are always performed from the active to the inactive column. The different possibilities are listed below.

Description of the buttons

Button decription
1 delete Deletes the files or directories.
2 copy Copies the files or directories. When copying films, all meta files are copied automatically.
3 move Moves files or directories. When moving films, all meta files are copied automatically.
4 chmod Change Permissions.
5 rename Rename the files or directories.
6 symlink Create a Symlink. Symlinks are marked as <Link>.
7 mkdir Create a new directory.
8 new Create a new file.
INFO This button has multiple functions, depending on the selected item:
  • For directories the size is displayes below right.
  • For archives the unpacked size is displayed.
  • For pictures the info and preview is displayed.
  • For filmes the film info and cover is displayed (if availiable).
  • Display content of text files, scripts.
MENU This button has multiple functions, depending on the selected item:
  • Mark all files, or remove mark from files.
  • Mark all files for a selected file type, or remove mark from files.
  • Search or remove meta informations.
  • Search media informations in background (for directories).
  • Search or remove media informations for films (OMDb, TMDb).
  • Add manually a media icon (only *.jpg) for films.
  • Open the settings

Colored buttons

Button Description
Red Contains the number buttons from Tastenbeschreibung. Additionally it's possible to create an archive (zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.lzma).
Green With this button it's possible to perform different actions, depending on the selected file.
  • Display picture.
  • Start a film, DVD structure / pictures.
  • Unpack archives.
  • Execute scripts.
Yellow Refresh the display (e.g. file size).
Blue Mark the selectes files and directories.


Settings eCommander
Setting Description
Sort files by Sort the files by name, date or size - ascending / descending.
Display TS-files Enable/disable the *.TS files (e.g. *.cuts, *.meta, *.eit.)
Display system files Enable/disable hidden files (.xxx).
Ignore directory settings?
Start directory (left) Here the start directory for the left column can be set or removed.
Start directory (right) Here the start directory for the right column can be set or removed.
Button Ok = button green Start file action not only with the green button, but also with the OK button.
Ask for deleting, moving or copying? enable / disable a confirmation question vor file actions.