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Ambox notice.png Updates or package list not available

If the updates or package list are not displayed, the available memory is not sufficient. To fix this situation, create a swap partition or a swap file.

3 updates available
Addon - also reachable over MENU

In the Addons you find the different categories which are provided on the Gemini Server and the Feed from your installed image. Here you can install GP3 Addons, Skins, Picons and many other things on your Deambox.

Button description

Selection Description
red Installed Displays all installed Packages.
green Upgrade / Search This button offers two functions. For upgrading the green button starts the upgrade of all available packages. If all packages are up to date when opening the Addons, the green button opens a search function. Remark: the search function is only available since GP3.2 v0.65.
blue Show Updates Lists all updatable packages. The button is only active if updates are online.
MENU Button With this button you can select categories to be hidden. To show all categories again, use the button MENU. A second function of the button is the search function.

Explanation of the symbols

Install / Update package
Symbol Explanation
GP3 SM upgrade.png
The symbol is displayed while loading the package list.
GP3 SM upgradeable.png
This is the symbol for an upgradable package.
GP3 SM installable.png
Package is not installed.
GP3 SM installed.png
This is the symbol for installed packages.
GP3 SM install.png
This symbol is for packages which will be installed or upgraded. You can select one or more packages with the OK button of the remote control. To start the installation / upgrade: press the green button.
GP3 SM remove.png
This is the symbol for packages which will be removed. You can select one or more packages with the OK button of the remote control. To start the uninstallation: press the green button.

Package Informations

Package Informations
Selection Description
red Preview Displays a preview image of the selected package (if available - e.g. for skin).
blue Update The package list is updated.
INFO Button Shows information about the selected package.

OPKG Installation Log

OPKG Ausgabe

Since version GP3.2 v0.70 the installation log is displayed on the TV screen. If wanted the log can be saved over the blue button in the /tmp directory. The file name og the log file isgemini-ipkg.log. In case of problems the Log file can be uploaded in the board.

Ambox notice.png The log file is deleted when the Dreambox reboots. Copy the file always before rebooting when needed for posting in the board.

Upgrade with telnet

It's also possible to upgrade the Dreambox via Telnet or SSH. Use the following command:

opkg update && opkg upgrade

For Dreamboxes with limited flash memory e.g. DM500HD and DM800(se), the upgrade can be performed with the following command. In this case Enigma2 is stopped and the upgrade is performed, without filling the flash memory (hopefully). When using a tool to expand the flash memory (e.g. mediaboot, rambo), the first command can be used without any problem.

opkg update && opkgfb

After the update, please restart the Dreambox.