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  |[[Bild:english.png]] - [[GP3 Blue Panel (en)|in English]]
In this article you will find links for extended descriptions of the '''GP3 Blue Panel''' desktop.
[[Bild:GP3-Desktop.png|right|thumb|400px|GP3.2 Blue Panel]]
[[Bild:GP3-Desktop.png|right|thumb|400px|GP3.2 Blue Panel]]

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GP3.2 Blue Panel

Accessible by pressing the blue button on the remote control. The desktop is freely configurable and icon based (comparable to Android/iPhone).
By default the following features are available after the installation of GP3.

  • Gerätemanager - Einstellungen / Informationen angeschlossener Geräte
  • Addons - Erweiterungen hinzufügen/löschen
Ambox notice.png Weitere Informationen rund um das GP3, findet ihr in der Kategorie GP3.
Hauptbeitrag.png siehe Beitrag: Übersicht der Blue Panel Desktop Konfiguration - Für weiterführende Informationen zum Blue Panel
Hauptbeitrag.png siehe Beitrag: GP3 Installation - Für die Installation des Blue Panels

GP3 Addons

Gemini Addons can be installed or removed over the Addon Manager in the section Gemini Plugins. The following GP3 addons are available:


Weitere Erweiterungen

  • Jukebox - Listen to MP3 on the Dreambox
  • Netscan - IP / Share Scan in the network and Automount creation
  • Watch - Permanent analog watch
  • Webdav - connect WebDAV directory (Online storage)
  • dirSync - Synchronisation of directory
  • Boxfs - Online storage (box)
  • Google-PIM - Download of calendar and contact informations from Google.
  • Facebook - Displays various information from Facebook
  • archiver - Installs unrar and zip to extract rar or zip archives.

Update GP3

If update(s) for GP3 are available you can update you Box over the Addons Manager. The update can be started with the green button. This way the GP3 Plugins and of course all available packages are updated.

3 available updates