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*'''[[GP3_vdesktop_(en)|geminivdesktop]]''' - Virtual Desktop for the Blue Panel
*'''[[GP3_vdesktop_(en)|geminivdesktop]]''' - Virtual Desktop for the Blue Panel
*'''[[GP3_watch_(en)|geminiwatch]]''' - Display clock on the screen
*'''[[GP3_watch_(en)|geminiwatch]]''' - Display clock on the screen
*'''[[GP3_weather_(en)|geminiweather]]''' - Weather Plugin based on MSN
*'''[[GP3_webcamviewer_(en)|geminiwebcam]]''' - View webCams from over the world
*'''[[GP3_webcamviewer_(en)|geminiwebcam]]''' - View webCams from over the world
*'''geminiwebdav''' - HTTP(S) WebDav Client
*'''geminiwebdav''' - HTTP(S) WebDav Client

Aktuelle Version vom 7. November 2016, 20:00 Uhr

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GP3.3 Blue Panel

Accessible by pressing the blue button on the remote control. The desktop is freely configurable and icon based (comparable to Android/iPhone). By default the following features are available after the installation of GP3.

Ambox notice.png Further informations concerning the GP3, can be found in the category GP3.
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: Overview about the Blue Panel Desktop configuration - for additional info about the Blue Panel
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GP3 Installation - Overview about the installation of the Blue Panel

GP3 Addons

Ambox notice.png Some of the listed extensions are not available for all Gemini Project 3 versions. Available extensions can be found in Blue Panel → Addons → Gemini Plugins.
Additional Addons

Gemini Addons can be installed or removed over the Addon Manager in the section Gemini Plugins. The following GP3 addons are available:

  • geminiairplay - Send pictures, streams, videos and music via mobile devices
  • geminiarchiver - extract zip, unrar archives
  • geminibackup - Create image backup, only Dreambox OS
  • geminibluetooth - GUI for Bluetooth devices
  • geminibootlogo - Bootlogo settings for your Dreambox
  • geminiboxfs - mount cloud
  • geminibrand - personalize the image with the Gemini Project
  • geminicccaminfo - CCcam Informations
  • geminidirsync - Synchronise directories
  • geminidreamlpd - Printer daemon
  • geminidreamnetcast - Listen to internet radio
  • geminiencfs - GUI for EncFs
  • geminieup - Uptime project client
  • geminifacebook - Facebook Plugin
  • geminiftpfs - Mount FTP Server
  • geminigooglemaps - Google Maps Plugin
  • geminigooglepim - Use Google calender and contacts
  • geminigooglesearch - Browse the www
  • geminihttpd - Simple Http Server
  • geminiical - Calender and contact plugin
  • geminiinadyn - Simple Dynamic DNS Client
  • geminijabber - Simple XMPP Client (e.g. gtalk, facebook...)
  • geminijukebox - Play MP3, FLAC, OGG and WAV
  • geminiluks - GUI for LUKS container
  • geminimailcheck - eMail checker
  • geminimc - Midnight Commander (file manager)
  • geminimegaconz - Mount MegaCloud
  • geminimiaubouncer - IRC Bouncer (works as Proxy)
  • geminimtp - Mount MTP devices
  • geminincid - Network Caller ID Client with Gemini calender interface
  • gemininetcastwebif - Webinterface for Dreamnetcast
  • gemininetscan - Locale netzwork scanner
  • gemininfs - NFS Server for the Dreambox
  • geminiopenvpn - OpenVPN Server/Client
  • geminioscaminfo - OScam informations
  • geminipdf - Show PDF files
  • geminipptpvpn - PPTP-VPN for the Dreambox
  • geminirezapp - Zaps back to the chanel after x minutes
  • geminirssreader - Read RSS news
  • geminisambaconfig - Samba Server configuration
  • geminisatconfig - Generate a new satellites.xml
  • geminiscreenshot - Screenshot Plugin
  • geminispinner - Spinner settings for the Dreambox
  • geminisr - Record internet audio streams
  • geminiswapfile - Swap file settings
  • geminiterm - Terminal Emulator for Enigma2
  • geminitwitter - Twitter Plugin
  • geminiupnpc - Upnp Client
  • geminiuseraddon - User defined Addons
  • geminivdesktop - Virtual Desktop for the Blue Panel
  • geminiwatch - Display clock on the screen
  • geminiwebcam - View webCams from over the world
  • geminiwebdav - HTTP(S) WebDav Client
  • geminiwebremote - Send current channel to another Dreambox

Interesting Addons

Update GP3

If update(s) for GP3 are available you can update you Box over the Addons Manager. The update can be started with the green button. This way the GP3 Plugins and of course all available packages are updated.

3 available updates