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Icon selection - nutrix

Since GP3.2 Version v0.60, it's possible to select different Icon packages and frames in Blue Panel. Standard are the gp-icons-nutrix icons active, other packages need to be installed and selected.

Install the Icon packages via AddonsIcons and Frames. These packages are available:

  • gp-icons-oldgemini
  • gp-icons-faenza
  • gp-icons-faenzaglass
  • gp-icons-denmimleo
  • gp-icons-manschettenknopf
  • gp-icons-ubudao
  • gp-icons-silubra
  • gp-icons-materials-black
  • gp-icons-materials-white
  • gp-icons-materials-grey
Ambox notice.png Restart the Blue Panel, after the selection of a new frame to see the new frame.

Extra IconPackages

The extra icon packages contain additional icons for the Blue Panel. You can assign those icons to Enigma2 Plugins (eg. eParted). These extra packages are available:

First of all, add the plugins in the Blue Panel or the vDesktop via Blue PanelMenuSettingsAdd Plugin. And save with the green button.

Icons can be assigned in the Blu Panel via Menu → select Plugin → SettingsDetails. The icons can be found in the following directory:


Save the changes with the green button.

Changing the extra icons

When changing the icon package it is also possible to use the corresponding extra icons. Therefore it is important to keep the following in mind.

  • File names of the icons must be identical in the different extra packages.
  • The path to the icon name must be "relative" - plugin_icons/imagename.png.

Check the path in the configuration file of the Blue Panel. The file gemini_desktop.xml or gemini_desktop1-5.xml can be found in /etc/enigma2. Edit this file with an editor (eg. Vi) and modify the paths as shown in the following example.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
                        <code><![CDATA[from Plugins.Extensions.PicturePlayer.plugin .....</code>
                        <icon>plugin_icons/pictureviewer.png</icon>                        <info><![CDATA[Dateiformate (BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF]]></info>
                        <name>Genuine Dreambox</name>
                        <code><![CDATA[from Plugins.Extensions.GenuineDreambox.plugin .....</code>
                        <icon>plugin_icons/genuine.png</icon>                        <info><![CDATA[Genuine Dreambox]]></info>
                        <code><![CDATA[from Plugins.Extensions.WebInterface.plugin .....</code>
                        <icon>plugin_icons/webinterface.png</icon>                        <info><![CDATA[Konfiguration des Webinterfaces]]></info>
                        <code><![CDATA[from Plugins.Extensions.eParted.plugin .....</code>
                        <icon>plugin_icons/eparted.png</icon>                        <info><![CDATA[Erstellen und Verändern der Partitionstabelle]]></info>