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Third party camd or camd-panel must NOT be installed in your image (i.e. CCcam, pimpmyCVS...), only GP-CAMDs!!
Other Plugins which provide a QuickButton functionality must NOT be installed.
Other Plugins which provide a QuickButton functionality must NOT be installed.

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Installation instructions

The Gemini Plugin is installed in an CVS image in only 2 steps.

  • Step 1: Manual installation of the Gemini Wizzard. The Wizzard is already included in our own iCVS images - so you may skip this step.
  • Step 2: Execution of the GeminiWizzard and installation of the Gemini Plugin

We recommend:

Original CVS Images from <-- OE1.6 or our iCVS image available via Database


Other Plugins which provide a QuickButton functionality must NOT be installed.

The following '"Kernel versions must be'" present in the used image.

  • 7025 -> 2.6.12
  • 500hd -> 2.6.18
  • 800hd -> 2.6.18
  • 800se -> 2.6.18
  • 8000 -> 2.6.18

Installation of GeminiWizard

With iCVS images you may skip the following steps (1-5) as the Gemini Wizzard is already preinstalled.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your image of choice is clean and does NOT include preinstalled Softcams! Make sure to install the softcams afterwards and only use Gemini-Softcams.

1. Download image and installation:

As mentioned before, we recommend to use DMM experimental or our in-house iCVS - images.

The installation takes place as usual either via web browser or DreamUP.

Find attached in more detail:

Dreambox 7025

Dreambox 500HD

Dreambox 800(se)

Dreambox 8000

2. Download Gemini Wizard:

you can download the Gemini Wizard here: Download des Gemini3 Wizard (g3wizard)

3. Copy Gemini Wizzard on the Box:

We recommend to copy it to "/".

4. install Gemini Wizard with:

Menu -> Settings -> Software -> local Extensions... -> InternalFlash -> Install -> green

5. Gui restart (this item is only available in expert mode - in case of advanced mode you have to restart the Dreambox)

As an alternative, you may do steps 2,3 and 4 in one single step by using Telnet and running the following command:

opkg install

Installation of GeminiPlugin

From here the process is the same for all images.

Blue -> Gemini3Wizard -> Install-GeminiPlugin

There are 2 options

- Installation with all Gemini Plugins (you cannot remove unnecessary ones later)

- Installation without Gemini Plugins (Manual postinstallation through Blue-Panel Addon server is possible)

Your Dreambox will restart automatically when installation has finished.

Gemini should be installed now.

Camds can be installed via blue-> Addons-> GeminiCamds.

Rest should be selfexplicatory or maybe not. :)

Gemini Plugin installation for Dummys

Here you'll find another HowTo explained in more detail, especially for beginners: Gemini Plugin installation for Dummys

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