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GP3.3 Preview OE 2.5

The Gemini Project 3 is installed in an OE image in a few steps.

  1. Installation of the Gemini3 Wizard.
  2. Execution of the Gemini3 Wizard.
  3. Ready ;-)

Image recommendation

As basis for the GP3 installation we recommend an experimental OE 2.0, OE 2.2 or OE 2.5 image from Dream Multimedia. Of course GP3 can also be installed in Merlin or OoZoon images. Flash instructions can be found in this article.

Ambox notice.png For Dreambox OS based Boxes, images from DMM / Merlin with GP3.3 included can be found in the database . Simply flash and update the image, ready.
Ambox notice.png If you want to build an image with GP3.3 for Dreambox OS based boxes, take a look here:
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: Gemini Image Builder Script


  • Read the release info about the Gemini Project versions (GP3, GP3.2, GP3.3).
  • No pre-installed soft-cams.
  • No plugin that provide a quickbutton functionality.
  • A working internet connection
  • A flash memory expansion such as FlashExpander, Media-Boot, Dumbo, Flodder for boxes with small flash memory like DM500HD and DM800(se).
  • When using an OoZoon Images < OE2.2, you first need to install kernel-module-fuse.
  • When using a Merlin Images, no changes are required.

Image preparation

  • Set the primary DNS Server (e.g. IP of your router) when using fixed network settings, or use DHCP.
  • Set password for user root .
  • Activate the Default-HD or an other HD skin before installing the GP3.2 oder GP3.3 Plugin (only OE 2.0/OE 2.2 or OE 2.5). If you don't do so, the Blue Panel will not be displayed. Only HD skins are supported, or special SD/XD skins which were adapted for the GP3.2/GP3.3 Plugin.

Installation of Gemini Project 3

The Gemini Project can be installed in 3 different ways. Please use the corresponding explanation, depending on the used image generation.

Ambox attention.png There are two g3wizards, depending on the image generation. One for OE 1.6 / OE 2.0 and one for Dreambox OS based images (stable or unstable). Please use the correct version. If not, the package management system will not install the wizard.

G3Wizard installation for OE 1.6 or OE 2.0

Via Webinterface (preferred)

As of webinterface version 20110310-r0 it is possible to install ipk files directly via the Enigma2 webinterface. The following links should work with most home networks. Simply click the link from your dreambox typ.


If you have problems with the links above or no samba server is installed, copy the following link in your web browser. Now adapt the part dreamboxip with the correct IP address of your dreambox an confirm with the ↵ Enter key.


Restart Enigma2 after the installation or reboot the box.

Via FTP and Software manager

  1. Download Gemini3 Wizard - Download of Gemini3 Wizard (g3wizard).
  2. Copy Gemini3 Wizard via FTP into the root directory /.
  3. Install Gemini3 Wizard with MenuSettingsSoftwareLocal Extensions...internal FlashInstallgreen button.
  4. Restart Enigma2.

Via Telnet

Connect via Telnet to the box and enter following command.

opkg install

Restart Enigma2 after the installation or reboot the box.

G3Wizard Installation for OE 2.2 or OE 2.5 (Dreambox OS)

Via Webadmin

The downloaded wizard can be installed with the WebAdmin Plugin. Restart Enigma2 or reboot the box after the installation of the wizard.

Via Telnet

Connect via telnet with the dreambox and use following command.

wget && dpkg -i g3wizard_2.3-r0.0_all.deb

or if ypu like complex commands, use this one ;)

URL=''; FILE=`mktemp`; wget "$URL" -qO $FILE && dpkg -i $FILE; rm $FILE

Restart Enigma2 or reboot the box after the installation of the wizard.

GP3 plugin installation

The installation is on all images the same. Open the Gemini3 Wizard with blueGemini3 Wizard and select Install Gemini plugin. The installation is without any Gemini extensions. You can nstall them later via the Addons menu from Blue Panel. After the installation, the message Reboot Dreambox? is displayed. Confirm with yes.

The GP3 Blue Panel should now be accessible by pressing the blue button.

Video Tutorials for GP3 installation

Mr.Bunny provided some movies on YouTube showing the GP3 plugin installation. The following one shows the GP3 installation on the iCVS image.

GP3 installation in iCVS