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msn - Weather forecast

The geminiweather Plugin shows the weather forecast, based on the data of msn. Besides the weather data of the actual day the forecast of the following four days and the lunar phases are displayed.

It's possible to see the forecast of different configured cities. Also using alternative Weather Icons is possible.

Installation / Deinstallation

The geminiweather plugin can be installed / removed in different ways:

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GP3 Addons - Category: Gemini Plugins
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: WebAdmin - Package name: geminiweather
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: OPKG - Package name: geminiweather

Restart Enigma2 after the installation, or reboot the Dreambox.

Configure Weather Plugin

Menu key - Skin example: gp-skin-zombi.hd1r3
Enter desired city (e.g. Bern)

Use the MENU button after starting the plugin to configure the weather forecast. The following list explains the possibilities.

Option Description
Add City after pressing the OK button you can enter a city and press the green button.
Unit in Celsius Define temperature unit, Celsius Yes or Fahrenheit No.
Use Plugin Icons When selecting No the standard msn icons are displayed and stored in the Gemini Cache directory. The choice Yes shows the Weather Icons from
Plugin-Icons benutzen Bei der Einstellung nein, werden die Standard msn Icons angezeigt und im Gemini-Cache Ordner gespeichert. Die Einstellung ja zeigt die Wetter Icons von
Lunar phase With this setting it's possible to activate the lunar phase.
Language Some of the Enigma2 languages e.g. Serbian, are not compatible with msn. In this case the weather informations can not be loaded. With this setting it's possible to use an other language for the weather plugin (e.g. en_us).
Select City
Display of msn icons

Depending on the entered data you will get a list of cities. Choose the desired city and press the OK button. The weather forecast will be shown.

Configure multiple cities

Multiple Weather informations

Additional cities can be added. Use the MENU button again and add an new city as described in the previous chapter. The weather forecasts of the different cities can be selected with the button of the remote. The following list shows the new settings.

Option Description
Add City After pressing the OK button you can add a city and confirm with the green button.
Remove City Removes a city. Remark: only not active cities can be deleted.
Update Update the weather forecast.

Activate Plugin Icons

Alternative Weather icons

In the Weather Plugin a package with alternative icons for the msn images is included. These can be activated with MENU and Use Plugin Icons set on Yes.

Sensor fields

Infobar - Display of temperature

With a GP3 Skins, it's possible to show weather information in the infobar. Change the sensor field settings in the BluePanel => Settings. Following settings are possible:

  • Weather (actual) - shows the actual temperature
  • Weather (today) - shows the min. / max. temperature of the actual day
  • Weather (tomorrow) - shows the min. / max. temperature of tomorrow

Other Weather Icons

If you want, you can use other weather icons. Copy the icons in the Gemini Cache in the directory weather. The GP3 Cache can be found in the following directory:


The images should be saves as gifs. 8 bit png's are also supported. but the extension must be changed in gif to be displayed. Also make sure the setting Use Plugin Icons is set to No.

Examples of different weather icons:

Beispiel 1
Beispiel 2
Beispiel 3
Beispiel 4

Config file

The selected cities for the plugin are stored in the file weather.conf in the weather directory of the Gemini cache.

Ambox notice.png The weather directory can be copied in the geminicache directory of other boxes. This way you don't need to set the settings again.