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GP4 Blue Panel

The Gemini Project 4 can be installed in different ways:

  • Install a Gemini Project 4 Image.
  • Extend your existing image with the Gemini Project 4 plugins.


  • OE 2.5 unstable image with E2 version >=4.3.1r28.
  • Dreambox connected to the internet for installing the GP4 plugins.
Ambox attention.png Updating from a GP3 Version

GP4 must be installed from scratch, it's not possible to upgrade a GP3 installation! Old settings can't be migrated (except saved channel lists).

Flash a Gemini Project 4 Image:

The images (based on Dream Property or Merlin) can be downloaded from here, and flashed as described in: Image installation. These images include the Blue Panel, File Browser and the Addon Manager.

Manuall installation in an image of your choice:

Installation via CLI:

Connect with the Dreambox using SSH / Telnet, and execute the following command.

wget -O /tmp/geminilocale_all.deb && dpkg -i /tmp/geminilocale_all.deb

Reboot the Dreambox. Now you can install the GP4 plugins over the Erweiterungsverwaltung of Dreambox OS.