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The Gemini Project

Stands for inovative Dreambox extensions as a complete package - accessible with the blue button of the remote control.

Welcome to GP3 - The Gemini team goes new ways:

Proudly we present our new one The Gemini 3 Plugin.

The functionality of the GP3 is almost like the old Gemini images.

The Gemini-Plugin is installed in an CVS-Image. Our ICVS-Image is already prepared for this.

However, the company is also possible with other CVS images.

However, we recommend except the Ihad ICVS Images the original DMM OE 1.6 Images, only here on it we test and give also Support!

We have resolved for the time being to bring no Gemini images more out because this brings several advantages:

1. No more own update server, means if, e.g., new drivers come, only an update of the DMM image (or whatever) becomes made.

2. If there a new Gemini3 is must not become a new flash, an easy update reaches.

3. Every user can decide himself which image he wants to strike up.

The Plugin has a completely new Icon desktop surface (as Iphone/Android) which as usual about the blue key is to be called.

From the IHAD there will be in future only the ICVS Images in which is already preloaded of the Gemini Installations Wizzard - with it a free from problems on-line installation is possible.

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