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The Gemini Project

Stands for inovative Dreambox extensions as a complete package - accessible with the blue button of the remote control.

Welcome to GP3 - The Gemini team goes new ways:

We proudly present our new The Gemini 3 Plugin.

The functionality of the GP3 is almost identical to the old Gemini images.

The Gemini-Plugin is installed in a CVS-Image. Our ICVS-Image is already prepared for this.

Basically the usage is also compatible with other CVS images.

However, besides the Ihad ICVS Images we only recommend to use it with the original DMM OE 1.6 Images because those are the only images which we will test and support!

For the time being, we decided to stop releasing further Gemini images because there are several advantages:

1. No self maintained update server anymore, which means if for example new drivers are released only the DMM image (or the image of your choice) needs to be updated.

2. If there will be a new Gemini3 release there is no need to reflash the Box completely - a simple update is sufficient.

3. Every user may use the image of his choice.

The Plugin has a completely new designed, Icon-based desktop Interface (similar to Iphone/Android smartphones) which can be accessed as usual by pushing the blue button.

From now on, the IHAD team will only release the ICVS Images which come with a preinstalled the Gemini Installations Wizzard - this assures online installations in a smooth and easy way.

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