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After a half year of development and testing, we present the new Gemini Project 4. It has been completely rewritten and can be installed on all OE 2.5 / OE 2.6 based images with an Enigma 2 version ≥ 4.3.1r28.

A big difference with previous versions is the concept of GP4. Every plugin can be installed separately over the internal Dreambox OS extension manager. Dependencies have been reduced as much as possible. This way it is possible to have an installation with or without the Blue Panel, depending on your personal preferences.

For the installation you have two choices.

  • Get an Image with GP4 preinstalled for the following dreamboxes: DM7080, DM52x, DM820, DM900 and DM920. All images are based on the Unstable image from Dream Property. These images include these GP4 extensions: Blue Panel, File Browser and the Addon Manager. Additional GP extensions can be installed over the extension Extention Manager or the GP4 Addonmanger.
  • Manuall installation in an image of your choice with the geminilocale package, which provides the languages and software feeds for the plugins.

Enjoy the Gemini Project 4, the Gemini Team.

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GP4 Installation (en) for the installation

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