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Hidden Gemini-Configuration


This description is only valid for Gemini2 images (Enigma2) version 4.5 and higher
It describes for example how to deactivate the Addon server (Blue-Panel (Gemini) - server)
Or how to even switch off the Camd-Support.

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Editing the BPconf.py

Open /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Bp/BPconf.py with the editor of your choice,
the editor must be able to write Linux compliant though!

in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Bp/BPconf.py you will find this:

#restart enigma2 after editing the file


1. HIDE_ENTRY_IN_BROWSER=(0,":2eDS_Store")
Determines which files will not be displayed in the file browser.

For example, if you don't want to see the cam.cfg, then you would have to change the line this way...
HIDE_ENTRY_IN_BROWSER=(0,":2eDS_Store", "cam.cfg")

2. a HIDE_CAM_ADDONS=1 hides all Cam Addons

3. a SHOW_GEMINI_ADDON_SERVER=0 hides the Gemini-Server

4. a SHOW_CCCAM_INFO=0 hides the Cam-Info of Gemini

5. a SHOW_STOP_ENIGMA=1 shows the entry "Stop Enigma 2" in the Standby/Restart menu

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Activation of the new configuration

Here it is enough to simply restart Enigma from the normal menu.
So do a Enigma-Restart...

There is no need to restart the whole box!

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