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Welcome to the Gemini-Wiki

The Gemini-Wiki is like the Wikipedia encyclopedia a free reference book. But in this special case more like a Wiki manual. Unlike the Wikipedia you find here instructions to install and configure software of the Gemini-Image. As an use-oriented reference work, the Gemini-Wiki grows continually: at this moment, there are 650 articles written and available for the community.

Because of the basic principles of all wikis, everybody may post know-how as an author in new pages or already available articles. The first steps are easy to learn.

The goal of this Gemini-Wiki, is to collect all information about our Gemini project. We want to cumulate all our individual knowledge into this collective knowledge pool named Wiki. Users, interested readers or developers should granted access to this free knowledge about all the Gemini-Images.

Like all other well sorted Wikis, everybody may participate, everybody may alter articles designed to improve the quality, or write very new articles. Please get in touch with maxl or mfgeg to be able to access the Wiki. E-mail address and username is required. Best is to use the username from IHAD-Board, if present. Please consider our editing links and board rules while creating articles.

All the contents of the Gemini Wiki are under the GNU Free Documentation License. This means in short: All pages and all the articles are and will be free forever.

Your IHAD-Team


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get help?

To search for answers you find here a list of help- and discussionpages. You may ask questions, too.

May I "really" and "easy" change the pages?

Yes. To alter the content of existing pages click the "Seite bearbeiten" ("Edit page") link. But: Please read this help and have a look at other pages to get examples and to see how all this works.

Perfect, now I can post something new about the Gemini-Images here!

Yes, but...!!!
Please only use content, where you are the keeper of rights. Do not copy other content!

Is there a test-area to train all this without destroying real data?

Yes - you may use the playground.

How to I create new pages?

Type the wanted title into the search bar and click "Los" (run). If the page does not exist you find a link to create it. At first please have a look into existing pages to use the same structure.


What about the "Diskussion"-Link (discussion-link)?

At the discussion pages you can post comments, criticism or questions to the respective article.

Where are the help pages?

The help category shows all available help articles.



  • All Pages - A list of all articles written. Up to now there are 650 articles available.
  • Popular Pages - A list of all pages with most hits.
  • Under Contruction - A list of our construction site. Pages under construction.
  • Wanted Pages - A list of all missing pages. These pages are already linked.
    Most of your know-how is needed here!
  • New Pages - A list of the last added pages.
  • Without Category - A list of all articles without any category.