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Holo-light GP3.2 variant

IhaD users created the new Holo skins. The skins are based on the Holo style used in Android.

While developing the skin, three color variants were created.

  • holo-light - White variant
  • holo-dark - Grey variant
  • holo-black - Black variant

The skins are available as straight OE 2.0 / OE 2.2 versions, for original DMM images. And of course, GP3 variants are also available. The GP version offers transparency on top.

Following screenshots offer some impressions for the different skin variations.

Screenshots of the OE variant


Screenshots of the GP3 variant




Icons Infobar

Holo Infobar Icons.jpg

Descriptions of the icons, in active mode.

  1. Recording / Stream active
  2. Encrypted channel
  3. Online Test succesful
  4. Channel with Dolby audio
  5. HD Channel
  6. Channel with Teletext
  7. Subtitles available
  8. Subchannels available
  9. HbbTV available

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