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An image is the packed vesion of the operating system of the dreambox, comparable with Windows or Linux for the PC. It may be installed, depending on the Dreambox model, either in the flash-memory of the box or on USB-Sticks/CF-cards/HDDs. The image may be given in different formats. On the one hand the official formats (xxx.img or xxx.nfi), on the other hand proprietary formats of the different programs (i.e. Flashwizzard).

Origin of the image

There are different types of images. There are the official Images of Dream Multimedia, the manufacturer of the Dreambox. Besides that tere are so called CVS-Images, which are not official, but many developers, among those even DMM-developers, work on. Last but not least there are those images, which also Gemini is one of. Those images are produced by free developers. The Gemini Project and the Gemini Project 2 were images of these kind. The Gemini Project 3 / Gemini Project 4 is not an image but a plugin which can be installed on top of an existing image.

Support and guarantee at Non-DMM-Images

Except for the official images no other images are supported by DMM. You will receive information and support for the particular images at the particular authors.

If a damage will result from the use of a Non-DMM-image, the guarantee will be lost in such cases. A hardware-error, which is not a result of the use of such an image, will NOT affect the guarantee.