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If you want to install a new Image (Firmware), follow the links below for the installation manuals and advices. The info is listed by box type.

Image Installation

Ambox attention.png Firmware installation using the Webinterface

Older Secondstage Loader (<v84) have problems with recent web browsers (e.g. Firefox). The symptom is: after clicking the Flash button in the browser, no action is started. In this case, use a different browser such as Opera, or the old Firefox Portable Version 3.5.1.

Once an actual images is installed, it's possible to use a recent browser to flash.

Ambox notice.png File type to flash using the Webinterface

An image for the correct box type with the Filename Extention *.nfi is required to flash the box. Make sure it's not a ZIP archive, or some other file. If not, the proces will stop with the error message - INVALID IMAGE (OR OLD VERSION).

Dreambox OS

Images for Dreambox OS (en) based Dreamboxes.


Images for Enigma2 based Dreamboxes.


Images for Enigma based Dreamboxes.

Where can I find an Image?

up-to-date Images

Images for the actual Boxes (eg. OE 2.0 or OE 2.2) are available at Dream Multimedia, or in the Merlin Board or from Oozoon. The GP3 Plugin can be installed with this manual.

Gemini Images

The Gemini Images (GP and GP2) for the supported Dreamboxes can be found in the Database. Keep in mind the development has been stopped. For updating the old Gemini Images this article Info about Gemini-Updates might be interesting.

If you create new installation guides please use the format we have used here.