Image update - Dreambox 600

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Installation with DMM-Software (Serial cable)

You need:

  • a serial cable RS 232
  • a recent Gemini-Image (to be found at the Database)
  • the updatesoftware DreamUp (NOT DreamUpLan!)

Further instructions and the software can be found here.

VSFA only to use with DM600

VSFA means Very Simple Flashing Assistant You need: Box is connected with a DHCP-server or box has a static IP trough Bios. For Windows XP .netFramework 2.0 will be needed. Further istructions and the programm can be found here.


DreamEnum doesn't need a serial cable or a DHCP-server or you need to look at the display (which is not available at the small boxes. Further instructions and the software can be found here. (German version)

Flashen via Telnet without external tools

You will find instructions to update the box without external tools here (currently only german version available): Flash without tools

This method is meant for those people, who don't want to install a tool for each and every step and therefore an alternative for "non-windows user" such like Linux or Mac-users.