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OE 2.0 (abbreviation for OpenEmbedded) is the continuation of OE 1.6. The following Boxes are supported.

  • DM 500 HD
  • DM 500 HD V2
  • DM 800 HD PVR
  • DM 800 HD SE
  • DM 800 HD SE V2
  • DM 7020 HD
  • DM 7020 HD V2
  • DM 8000 HD PVR

OE changes since version OE 1.6

  • Recipes were split across multiple layers and categorized.
  • env.source has been replaced by two files, bitbake.env and cross-compile.env. The former sets a minimal environment that is needed to execute bitbake. The latter creates machine-specific command aliases, in order to compile external software.
  • All machines share a common tmp directory.
  • ${MACHINE}/build directories were renamed to build/${MACHINE}.
  • Kernel packages were renamed from linux-${MACHINE} to linux-dreambox.
  • Support for machines based on ATI Xilleon or IBM STB was dropped.

Gemini Plugin

The Version of the GP3 Plugin differs depending on the image:

  • Gemini Plugin 3 (short GP3) for OE 1.6 and
  • Gemini Plugin 3.2 (short GP3.2) for OE 2.0 (only for HD-Boxes)


  • supports HbbTV
  • supports 3 TB hard disks
  • supports the new Videotext
  • Webbrowser
  • supports EXT4 (not recommended see here) and XFS
  • DLNA server
  • faster rendering of pictures


  • requires more flash memory