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SCP is an acronym for Secure CoPy. This term stands either for the protocol or the application. Via SCP, data transfer between computers will be encrypted. The SCP client (OpenSSH, Dropbear (link german only), WinSCP) connects to the SCP server (OpenSSH, Dropbear) using an encrypted connection. The encryption is done by SSH (link german only) and includes the exchange of the credentials as well as the complete data transfer.



  • One has to set a password for user root via Telnet. Alternatively one can set the password via remote control of the Dreambox, using the Blue Panel of GP or GP2 (link german only).
  • Dropbear (link german only) service has to be active.

Command line of Linux or MAC

Copy of a file from a Linux / MAC computer to the Dreambox.

 scp filename root@ip_of_dreambox:/destination_path

Copy of a file from the Dreambox to a Linux / MAC computer.

 scp root@ip_of_dreambox:/path_to/filename /destination_path_of/Linux_computer

Using Dolphin or Konqueror on KDE

Fig. Dolphin
Fig. Konqueror

Using Dolphin or Konqueror, one can use the fish protocoll for a SCP connection to the Dreambox.
The syntax of the address bar is as follows:


Windows computer

Fig. Create profile
Fig. Resolve groups error message
Fig. Connected to Dropbear

To use SCP connections on Windows, take the application WinSCP. Create a session profile and enter the information as you can see in Fig. Create profile. Do not forget to set the protocoll to SCP.

Deselect the checkbox [Lookup user groups] or you will get an error message during the connection attempt (see Fig. Resolve groups error message).

If you successfully entered the information, a connection to the Dreambox can be established by a click on [Login] (see Fig. Connected to Dropbear).

Ambox notice.png WinSCP can be used on Linux as well. Use Wine for this.

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