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ssh stands for Secure Shell. This is not a Shell as we know it, but a secure tunnel through an unsecure network. The most known unsecure network is the internet. For a safe communication the proven Public/Private Key Process is used, because the password should also be transfered in a secured way over the network. Because this asymmetric encryption (different keys for encrypting and decrypting) requires a lot (too much) processor time, the encryption will switch automatically to a symmetric encryption (same key for encrypting and decrypting) once the connection is made. The key is changed and negotiated each time again.

It's recommended to avoid unencrypted Telnet- (or FTP-) connections, and the use of secure ssh connections is preferable. The shell on the remote computer can be used similar in both cases. In the actual connection the user will not notice any difference using the unsecure telnet or secure ssh.




Linux Client

Opening a Shell from the local Linux computer can be done as follows:

ssh root@ip_der_dreambox

Windows Client

For connecting from a local Windows computer with the Dreambox, Putty is an nice program.


For licence reasons most of the Linux Distributions don't use the original ssh, but the free open ssh. But this offers the same functions and is no problem for using with the Dreambox.

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