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Changing Skins with GP3

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This article is meant for all experienced skinners,
who like to develop or mod skins for the GP3 plugin.

Main focus of the article

  • find out the relevant screen names
  • Support people who are interested in developing or modding Skins


  • Experience in Skin development Modding

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Finding out the GP3 screen names

After installation of the GP3-plugins, you can find the file skin.xml in the directory:


This file contains the following items:

  • Infobar Renderer
  • Basis Screen`s
  • OLED Screen`s

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It is also helpfull to amend the file in /usr/lib/enigma2/python as described below:

Search for the routine readSkin in

You can find a for-loop for n in names: (Approx. at line 424 )

	# try all skins, first existing one have priority 
	for n in names:
 		myscreen, path = lookupScreen(n, style_id)
		if myscreen is not None:
			# use this name for debug output
			name = n
			print names

Add the following line "print names" before the break entry and execute the following command in Telnet Telnet :

init 4 && sleep 5 && einigma2

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If you now open the Menus of the GP3 plugins and screens, the screen names will be printed in the console for each screen you open.

e.g. VariableList3Button_geminiweather

Why should we do this?

GP3 contains 4 basic screens used as User Interface in GP3:

  • Config2Button
  • VariableListNoButton
  • VariableList4Button
  • VariableList3Button

AllGP-Plugins that need a VariableList3Button screen, make use of the base screen. If you want to create a different screen for the Gemini weather plugin, you will need the name of the screen in the plugin to create the according design.

You get the proper screen names via the above described way.

Base screen for allp lugins that use this screen --> VariableList3Button Plugin screen for the Gemini weather plugin --> VariableList3Button_geminiweather

You can compare this to the relation between skin.xml and skin_user.xml.

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Known GP3 screen names

Please find a list of the currently known GP3 screen names:

  • gDesktopHD
  • gAddons
  • Config2Button
  • Config2Button_gSimpleList
  • VariableListNoButton
  • VariableListNoButton_gMultiQuickButton
  • VariableListNoButton_RssReader
  • VariableListNoButton_MountPoints
  • VariableListNoButton_InfoHardware
  • RssLister
  • RssReader
  • RssView
  • VariableList4Button
  • VariableList3Button
  • VariableList3Button_geminidreamnetcast
  • VariableList3Button_WidgetXmlList
  • VariableList3Button_WebCamViewer
  • VariableList3Button_geminiweather
  • PrioListSetup
  • VariableList3Button_gBrowser
  • BrowserFavo
  • VariableList3Button_Automount
  • VariableList3Button_ProcessInfo
  • VariableList3Button_GeminiConfList
  • VariableList3Button_DeviceManager
  • VariableList3Button_PartitionsManager
  • VariableList3Button_gMenu_confgDesktop
  • WeatherView

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