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=== Requirements ===
=== Requirements ===
* [[OE 2.2 (en)|OE 2.2]]
* [[OE 2.2 (en)|OE 2.2]] / [[OE 2.5 (en)|OE 2.5]]
* Keyboard and mouse
* Keyboard and mouse
* Or a DMM keyboard  
* Or a DMM keyboard
== Installation / Deinstallation ==
== Installation / Deinstallation ==

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ScummVM Menu

It took over 10 years, but now ScummVM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion - Virtual Machine) is back on the Dreambox.

The first appearance of ScummVM for Enigma Boxes was in the ihaD board. Now @emanuel has reintroduced the program for Dreambox OS Boxes.

ScummVM is a software and script collection to emulate many game engines. This way a lot of old games can be executed on modern platforms, such as the Dreambox.

In the beginning only adventure games based on the script language SCUMM from the provider LucasArts were possible. Today many other games from other manufacturers are supportet, e.g.:

A list of supported games can be found on the offical ScummVM web page.


Installation / Deinstallation

The enigma2-plugin-extensions-sdlscummvm package can be installed / removed in different ways:

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GP3 Addons - categorie: Plugins (Extensions)
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: WebAdmin - package name: enigma2-plugin-extensions-sdlscummvm
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: APT - Package name: enigma2-plugin-extensions-sdlscummvm
Ambox notice.png Gemini Project 3 provides all dependencies for the ScummVM Plugin on the software feed. Without GP3 feeds, you must install manually the required dependencies. The dependencies can be found in this Thread.


Start ScummVM
Select game

In ScummVM the games are not included. The games must be bought from the official sources, e.g. the LucasArts Classics.


Freeware games are also available on ScummVM, such as:


Demos for many games can be found on the ScummVM web page.

Install games on the Dreambox

Copy the games on the internal hard disk of the Dreambox. Consider the file structure of the different games. If the structure is changed, the games are not recognized by ScummVM. Important informations about the different games can be found on the ScummVM web page.

  1. Start the ScummVM plugin over the extention menu of the Dreambox.
  2. Select Add game.
  3. Select the game directory on the hard disk.
  4. The game should be recognized automatically by ScummVM.
  5. Confirm with OK.
  6. The selected game can be started in the ScummVM menu over Start.

Keyboard short cuts

Following Hotkeys are useful for ScummVM on the Dreambox. Depending on the game there might be differences. A description for the individual Game Hotkeys can be found here.

Keyboard short cut Description
F5 Open the ScummVM menu
Alt+s Create screenshot in the root of the Dreambox.

InGame Screenshots

Interesting links

IhaD Support thread

If you need help about ScummVM, click the link ;)