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The enigma2-plugin-extensions-webadmin Plugin is a web frontend for the OPKG or APT package manager. With the webadmin it's possible to install or remove packages, and many other functions over the webinterface of the Dreambox. The plugin offers following functions:

  • Display the available packages.
  • Display the installed packages.
  • Display the upgradable packages.
  • Search for packages.
  • Upgrade the Dreambox.
  • Load the package lists (Softwarefeeds).
  • Install (Upload) packages.
  • Edit software feeds.
  • Execute / stop scripts from /usr/script.
  • Open a terminal.

Installation / Deinstallation

The enigma2-plugin-extensions-webadmin plugin can be installed / removed in different ways:

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: Installation of an .ipk file via extension - Category: Network
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: Installation of ipk files over the software manager
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: OPKG - Package name: enigma2-plugin-extensions-webadmin
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: APT - Package name: enigma2-plugin-extensions-webadmin
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GP3 Addons - Category: Plugins (Extensions)

Restart Enigma2 after the installation, or reboot the Dreambox.

Open Webadmin

Open the webinterface of the Dreambox with the browser of your choice. Click on Extras and then the WebAdmin link in the list of WebPlugins. Alternatively you can enter one of the following links:

Ambox notice.png Package list not available

If the package list is not displayed, (No Packages to Display), the available memory is not sufficient. To fix this situation, create a swap partition or a swap file.


Once the WebAdmin is opened, the standard view with the lists of all installed packages (list installed) is displayed. Removing a package can be done by clicking the red symbol WebAdmin minus.png. The other functions are listed in the following table.

Link Description
List all Displays all packages which are available on the Softwarefeed. Installation of a package ist started by clicking the WebAdmin plus.png symbol, removing by clicking the WebAdmin minus.png symbol.
List installed Displays all installed packages.Removing a package can be done by clicking the red symbol WebAdmin minus.png.
List upgradable Displays all upgradable packages on the feed.
Update Reload the package list.
Upgrade Downloads and installs the upgradable packages.
Upload ipk with this function you can upload and install a package from your computer.
Settings Offers the possibility to edit the config files (software feeds). With the symbol WebAdmin minus.png the feed can be disabled, or enabled over WebAdmin plus.png.
Scripts With this function the scripts in the directory /usr/script can be started, stopped or executed. Upload a new script is also possible over Upload new *.sh.
Terminal Opens a terminal with telnet access on the Dreambox.

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