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Select the directory for saving the crashlog

In the crashlog (log file) the different events are logged. If an error occurs (crash, Green Screen, the log file is the best tool for the developer to find and correct the error.

Handling crashlogs

Don't post the content of crashlog files with "copy&paste" in the board, but upload the file as an attachement.

Where can I find the crashlog?

In Gemini it's possible to select the directory to save the crashlog: BluePanel > Settings > General.

The standard paths are:




the content of /tmp is deleted with every restart of the dreambox.

  1. Open your web browser and enter the address of your Dreambox, e.g.
  2. The login should be answered as follows:
    • User: root
    • Password: empty or the password you set on the Box
  3. Change into the directory /media/hdd/. All files with the extention .log are crash logs.

The most recent crashlog is helpful for the developer to find bugs. If a crashlog is requested, these files are ment. Now you can click the right mouse button on the file to "save as".

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