Differences between DM500 and Cloneboxes

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Pictures DM 500-S

DMM 500-S front

DM500S front 01 klein.jpg

DMM 500-S back

DM500S back 02 klein.jpg

DMM 500-S front with Remote Control

DM500S front rc 01 klein.jpg

For the DM 500 Dream Multimedia have a Info page established. On this Page you can see the differences between DM 500 to Clone 500.

to view this page klick here

If you not sure that your Dreambox is an original or you have a Clone Box contact

Dream Multimedia Mail : plagiate@dream-multimedia-tv.de

for help and Informations.

Security Hologram

Informationen about the Security Hologram klick here

Warrenty Seal

This is a warranty seal of a DM 500.

Garantie DM500.jpg

At the Clone 500 is on the warranty seal a spelling error [moditied instead of modified]

Garantie Clone500.jpg

MAC Adresse

The MAC Adresse of a DM500 begins with 00:09:34.

The Mac Adress of a Clone 500 begins not with 00:09:34

Clone 500 unten.jpg

Back Side

The Backside of a Clone 500 shows a bad fixed warranty seal and the housing is pastet with a foil.

Clone 500 back.jpg

Direct comparison

DM 500 vs Clone