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The Blue Panel of a Gemini-Image is the start menu for Gemini-Extensions. Here is some information about the Blue Panel (BP) and how it relates to the different Gemini-Images. There are two different Blue Panels. The Enigma-Image Blue Panel, and the Enigma2-Image Blue Panel. The difference is the hardware on which the image runs and the functionality available.

These are the boxes that run Enigma-Gemini

  • Dreambox 500
  • Dreambos 500+
  • Dreambox 600
  • Dreambox 56x0
  • Dreambox 7000
  • Dreambox 7020

These are the boxes that run Enigma2-Gemini

  • Dreambox 7025
  • Dreambox 500HD
  • Dreambox 800
  • Dreambox 8000

When in "normal" TV-mode, just press the blue button on your remote control to start the Blue Panel.