Image update - Dreambox 7025

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Flash Installation

Here are the complete illustrated instructions in German

Installation via Web Browser

You need:

  • a LAN-Cable
  • a recent image
  • if you don't have a DHCP running, a serial cable and hypertermnal to set a IP Address
  • a browser (IE, Opera, Firefox)

Instructions can be found here.

Installation with DMM-Software (Serial cable)

You need:

  • a serial cable RS 232
  • a recent image
  • the update software DreamUp (NOT DreamUpLan!)

Further instructions and the software can be found here.

Installation with DCC (root.cramfs)

As DCC currently doesn't support Enigma2 this method cannot be used on the DM 7025.

Installation on external media


Installation on USB stick currently not supported.


Installation on CF-cards is possible.