Installation of a tarball via BluePanel

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How to install a tarball via BluePanel

To install Gemini-Tarballs via BluePanel your box need to be connected to the internet.

Help about the configuration of the internet connection can be found at the forum.

This is the most easy way to install an Gemini-Tarball.

Push the blue button on your remoe (that's why it's called BluePanel). Now Gemini BluePanel appears and you either choose "Addon" or push "2", which leads to the same.

If you now go for Download and install" and the internetconnecton works fine you will see the menu of the BluePanel-Server.

If not, something's wrong with your internet settings.

If it worked, you now may select the category of the addon you want to install.

  • Games
  • Locale
  • Plugin
  • Scripts
  • Setting
  • ...... usw.

Now choose the addon to be downloaded and confirm the download and installation with the "OK-Button".

If there appears a message that the installation failed, please reboot the dreambox and try again, BEFORE posting to the forum that the download isn't working.

If error reappears, please go to the forum and report the error.