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== Source code ==
== Source code ==
The source code for the Gemini3 Wizard (OE 1.6 and OE 2.0) can be found here:
* The source code for the Gemini3 Wizard (OE 1.6 and OE 2.0) can be found here:
* The source code for the Gemini3 Wizard (OE 2.2) can be found here:
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[[Kategorie:GP3 (en)]]

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Run wizard

The Gemini3 Wizard (Package name g3wizard) is an extension to install the GP3 Plugin via Internet.

The plugin creates a new Software Feed, from which the GP3 Plugin is installed. The Gemini3 Wizard can be started over the blue button → Gemini3 Wizard. Choose the point Install the Gemini Plugin, to start the installation.

After the installation, the message Reboot Dreambox? is displayed. Confirm with yes. The GP3 Blue Panel can be open over the blue button.

In the iCVS Image (OE 1.6) the Wizard is integrated and only needs to be started by the user. With all other images the Gemini3 Wizard needs to be installed before executing.

When executing the g3wizard different contitions are checked. If a problem is detected, a message is displayed on the TV and the wizzard is stopped. Following checks are performed by the g3wizard.

  • Check the internet connection and the dependencies for the GP3 Plugin.
  • Up to OE 2.0: If a Release Image from DMM is detected, the possibility to switch the sytem to an experimental DMM Image. This way the dependencies for the GP3 Plugin are fulfilled. The user needs to confirm this action, a downgrade to the Release image afterwards is not possible. After the GP3 installation the updates of the image must be installed via Addons.
Ambox notice.png Of course for the installation of the GP3 Plugin can only be performed when the requirements are fulfilled.
Ambox attention.png There are two g3wizards, depending on the Image generation. One for OE 1.6 / OE 2.0 and one for Dreambox OS based images (stable or unstable). Please use the correct version. If not, the package management system will not install the wizzard.

Possible (error) messages

The following images display the possible messages which can appear while executing the g3wizards.

Download of the Wizard

Installation of the Wizard

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GP3 Installation

Deinstallation of the Wizard

If desired, the wizard can be removed over the software manager after the installation of GP3.

Source code