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Code name: dora
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OE 2.2 (OE: OpenEmbedded) is successor of OE2.0. With the launch of the DM 7080 HD this branch was created. The following Dreamboxes are supported:

  • DM 520
  • DM 525
  • DM 820 HD
  • DM 7080 HD

OE changes compared to version OE 2.0

Extract of the opendreambox.txt:

  • Added support for DM520, DM525, DM820 and DM7080.
  • If a recipe changes, the corresponding packages will be rebuilt automatically, in contrast to required manual PR bumps in the past.
  • Each machine uses its own tmp directory again, like before 2.0. However, there is a shared sstate-cache, which allows to share already compiled data between compatible machines. This impacts performance and size of the build system, but improves reliability and consistency across builds.
  • Support for machines without FPU and kernel versions below 3.x was dropped (DM800).
  • Layers under meta-bsp were combined into meta-dreambox.
  • Package Manager changed to APT. Default package format switched from ipk (opkg) to deb (dpkg + apt).
  • dreambox-image was renamed to include the package format(dreambox-image-deb).
  • Init System changed to systemd.

Gemini Plugin

In the future the corresponding Gemini Plugin will be:

  • Gemini Plugin 3.3 (short GP3.3) for dreamboxes with Dreambox OS