Activating and Deactivating the Addon-Server and Camd-Support

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Activating and Deactivating the Addon-Server and Camd-Support


This explanation is valid only for Gemini2-Images from 4.4.
Here we explain, how to disable the Addon-Server (Bluepanel (gemini) - Server),
or how only to turn off the Camd-Support.

From Gemini 4.5 and higher is these options are different a little bit to configure. Hidden Gemini-Configuration

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Stopping Enigma2

Use telnet or SSH to access your box. To stop Enigma2 type in the following command:

init 4

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Editing the /etc/gemini2.conf

Ambox notice.png to edit the etc/gemini2.conf Enigma2 has to be stopped and must not be running anymore!

Open the file with an editor of your own choice,
but think about it, that it has to be Linux-compliant!

You can disable the Addon-Server by inserting the following line:


If your only wnat do disable the Camd-Support, type in this line:


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Starting Enigma2

If Enigma2 has been stopped, and you successfully could edit your /etc/gemini2.conf
your can start enigma2 again with the following command:

init 3 

You don't have to restart your box!

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