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An Addon is an umbrella term for the existing Plugins (extensions) of the Dreambox images. You differentiate based on the kind of extension (Addon). They were usually offered as Tarballs (.tar.bz2 und .tar.gz), today they are available as *.ipk or *.deb package.

Ambox attention.png Under GP3 only use *.ipk or *.deb files for the manuel installation, no *.tar.gz. The *.tar.gz files will only be unpacked with GP3. Only with GP2 and older GP versions this file type was apropriate for manual instalaltions.
Ambox notice.png In old Gemini Images (GP / GP2) the following kinds of extensions were used. An "original" Gemini-Addon is either archived (tar) under Linux or packed (bz2 oder gz) file. The usually end by xyz.tar.bz2 or xyz.tar.gz. Those extensions are called "Gemini-Tarballs".

old Tarballs (.tar.bz2)

These were packed as bz2 and were used until Gemini 3.9 in Enigma and until Gemini 3.0 in Enigma2. This means that these tarballs should not be used with newer images.

new Tarballs (.tar.gz)

Beginning with Gemini 4.0 (Enigma) and Gemini 3.0 (Enigma2) the Bluepanel was redesinged and the Gemini-Addons were renamed to avoid mistakes.

Extensions are now beginning with "e1" (Enigma) and "e2" (Enigma2). So you can see at first sight, whether it is a geminitarball or not and for wich version it is developed

Again, the geminitarballs are named by the following system: for Enigma-Boxes:


for Enigma2-Boxes:


It doens't matter which of the following categories the plugins are in:

  • Games
  • Settings
  • Plugins
  • Cams
  • Configs
  • usw....

The installations allways works the same way. Differentiate between addons for Enigma and Enigma2.

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