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When using Telnet or SSH to connect to the Shell, which is the BusyBox on the dreambox, the command date can be used to set the date and time manually. This can be useful if the transponder has wrong info, or in case the tuner is not connected.


In a first example the time will be set manually on 20:05:00. The command is as follows:

date -s 20:05:00

To set the date (7th june 2013) and the time (11:45), the command is:

date -s 2013.06.07-11:45:00

The command date shows the actual date and time.



Alternatives which are discusses in the Board:

  • Choose the ARD channel (19° sat position) and reboot the dreambox.
  • Use the Pauli-Plugin.
  • Use the DVB Time Plugin.