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If you want to deinstall the Gemini Project 3 (en) Plugin, there are different possibilities.

  1. Flash a new image (easiest solution).
  2. Deinstalling the GP3 addons, GP3 skins, etc. and the GP3 Plugin.

Flash a new image

The easiest solution is the installation of a new image, which you configure again as you want. An explanation for flashing can be found in the following article. If you want to deinstall everything manually, please read the following chapters.

Manual deinstallation of the GP3

This deinstallation procedure, explains the removal of the GP3 components, etc. via the package manager. Set up a connection via Telnet or SSH with the Box and follow the steps for the deinstallation.

Remove GP3 Addons

When you want to remove GP3 Addons, you should first of all find out the names of the installed packages. These can be found in the Addons in the category Gemini Plugins. Or use the following command:

opkg list_installed *gemini*

When you know all the package names, you can remove them with the following command. For packagename you should use the names of the installed addons, with spaces between the different names. But: remove only the Gemini Plugins which are listed in the Addons!

opkg remove --autoremove packagename packagename packagename

Remove GP3 Skins, etc.

GP3 Skins, Picons, GP3 Icons, can be removed with the following command. Error messages from the gp-icons-nutrix package can be ignored, the package will be removed automatically later.

opkg remove --autoremove gp-*

Remove the GP3 Plugin

Finally, the GP3 Plugin and the dependencies can be removed.

opkg remove --autoremove geminiplugin libgpicture0 --force-remove geminiset

Remove Gemini3 Wizard

Remove the Gemini3 Wizard (en) with this command.

opkg remove g3wizard

Remove GP3 Feeds

Remove only the GP3 Feeds with the following command.

rm /etc/opkg/gemini*

Reboot the Dreambox

Execute a reboot of the Dreambox, with following command.