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Device Manager

  • Unmount - With the red button you can unmount the device from the system
  • Initialise - Format the hard disk with the green button (ATTENTION ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED!!)
  • Settings - are opened with the blue button
  • Informations - The device informations are opened with the OK button


  • Standby - Switches the HDD in standby immediately
  • Test - are opened with the blue button

Test menu

  • Speed - Measure the speed of the HDD/USB Stick
  • Check File System - Check the file system and fix errors


Hard disks:
Hard Disk Standby after - Hard Disk goes into standby after the specified time
DVD player:
speed - the higher the value, the quiter the DVD device plays

HDD Temperature

If the hard disk is not recognized, read here: Hddtemp.db

HDD Speed


Initialise (Format)

Before formating the hard disk needs to be "unmounted".
Formating the hard dsik will erase all data on the disk!