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The GP3 Plugin can display events directly on the TV screen or in the infobar. Therefor a GP3 compatible skin and the corresponding settings in the GP3 Plugin are required. Of course some of the notifications require the right Gemini Addon to be installed. The following chapters describe the configuration of the notifications and the required Plugins.

Enable the notifications

Background events - Settings

Open the menu [General] in the [BluePanel][Settings]. For the Background events the setting can be changed with the arrow keys of the remote control. The following table lists the possibilities.

Setting Description
Off No notifications are displayed
On The notifications are displayed permanently in the Infobar
(GP3 skin required)
Flashing The notifications are flashing in the Infobar (GP3 skin required)

Notifications in the Infobar

Infobar example of the gp-skin-swan-black - Updates available
Infobar example of the gp-skin-holo-black - Updates available

The following table lists the notifications (Events) which can appear in the Infobar. The last column indicates the required GP3 Addon, which needs to be installed.

Ambox notice.png To turn off the the notification in the infobar, open the corresponding addon.
Ambox notice.png Since GP3.2 Version 0.79, the notifications in the infobar use 3 characters. In the column Notification the new notifications are on the second line.
Notification Description Required Addon
New updates availiable. Check for updates performed between 3 and 5 o'clock, or 3 to 5 hours after starting the Box. geminiplugin under Addons
A SWAP file is created in the background. geminiplugin OE 1.6, geminiswapfile OE2.0
Problem with the Gemini Cache. Can be fixed by: [BluePanel][Settings][General] press the green [Save] button. geminiplugin
File Browser is copying, deleting or unpacking in the background. geminiplugin
File Browser is performing a MediaScan. geminiplugin
Problem with the DBus ➤ Box needs to be restarted. geminiplugin
The system works in the background.
E.g. partitioning or formating of storage devices.
≥ v0.74
@ New E-Mails availiable. geminimailcheck
The StreamRipper records MP3 Streams in the background. geminisr and geminidreamnetcast
Ctorrent loads Torrent file in the background. geminictorrent
RSync is synchronizing files. geminidirsync
New appointment active in the GP3 calendar. geminiical
New Jabber message received. geminijabber
New Twitter message received. geminitwitter
A new Facebook message was posted. geminifacebook

Notifications directly on the TV screen and more settings

Icons on TV screen
Message with notification for 99 updates

The Gemini 3 Plugin and other Gemini Addons can display notifications as Icons on the TV screen, or change the display in the Infobar. Displaying a message window is also possible. These messages offer the possibility to open the corresponding Plugin with [Yes], or to close the message with [No]. The following Plugins offer this functionality.

  • Check for updates (standard in the GP3 Plugin under Addons)
  • geminitwitter (Message window not possible)
  • geminimailchecker
  • geminijabber
  • geminincid
  • geminifacebook
Ambox notice.png To turn off the the notification icon on the TV, open the corresponding addon.

Simulate Notifications

Over a command in the terminal (Telnet or SSH) it is possible to force a notification in the Inforbar or as icon on the TV screen.

Simulate Update Notification icon

dbus-send --system --dest=org.gemini /org/gemini org.gemini.Agent.gdaemon int16:2 string:upgrade-99

Simulate Twitter symbol in the Infobar

dbus-send --system --dest=org.gemini /org/gemini org.gemini.Agent.gtwitter int16:2 string:newtweet

Simulate Twitter icon

dbus-send --system --dest=org.gemini /org/gemini org.gemini.Agent.gtwitter int16:17 string:newtweet

Simulate mail symbol in the Infobar

dbus-send --system --dest=org.gemini /org/gemini org.gemini.Agent.gMailCheck int16:2 string:newmail

Simulate mail icon

dbus-send --system --dest=org.gemini /org/gemini org.gemini.Agent.gMailCheck int16:7 string:newmail

Simulate Jabber/XMPP symbol in the Infobar

dbus-send --system --dest=org.gemini /org/gemini org.gemini.Agent.gjabber int16:2 string:newmess

Simulate Jabber/XMPP icon

dbus-send --system --dest=org.gemini /org/gemini org.gemini.Agent.gjabber int16:17 string:newmess