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Ambox GP3.png This article is valid for GP3.
der Openvpn Server
here you can configure an Openvpn Server, both IP´s represent the tunnel adresses, which should be in a different range.
when saving the configuration, the Keyfile (*.key), Serverconfig(*.conf) and the Windows Clientconfig (*.ovpn) is created in the directory /etc/openvpn.

The .key and .ovpn should be copied in the config directory of the Openvpn application on Windows - in the .ovpn you need to edit the IP/DynDNS adress of your Dreambox (connected to the router).

After a successful start of the VPN tunnels (green symbol in the Windows taskbar) the Dreambox should be reachable via the tunnel adress of the server.

Oc course the connection with certificates should also work with the Dreambox as server or client - therefor you need to edit the config files manually.