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This section documents some of the key bindings of the remote control.

The Blue Button

Remote Control of a Dreambox 8000
  • Press the Blue Button once to display the Blue-Panel.
  • Press the Blue Button twice to go straight to the Extras/Settings section of the Blue-Panel

Switch to the Last

You can always return to the last service viewed with key "0". For example you are watching BBC1 and were watching BBC2 , Pressing the <0> key will change the service back to BBC2 and pressing it again will change back to BBC1.

Zap History

Using the keys "<" und ">" allows you to page through the Zapping-History . Up to 25 entries are stored in the history. You can switch off the history via "Menu" - "Expert" - "Activate Zapping History ". NB If you do not wish for other people to be able to see what you have been watching please disable this feature.


Press the red key twice to change between the EPG and the Multi EPG (EPG all) at that point you get a menu which allows you to shoose thich EPG you want to view.

When using the Multi EPG you can use the keys <1> .. <6> to set the time frame that is displayed.

If you use the Multi-EPG external Addon MV 3.x.x you can set the display by using the number keys.

EPG Timer

You can set timers from the EPG window . If you use the colour keys to do this you can also set the Timer Type, here is a summary Green = DVR-Record Yellow = NGrab Blue = Zap

Service Information

To get information on the current service just press the info button twice. Then use the arrow keys to move between the 3 info pages.

Playing MP3s

To get the Random Play function whilst listening to MP3's, just press the Audio button.

Instant record

To start an instant recording press the Video button.Then either press. 1. The Yellow Button-> The current service will be paused and recorded. It can be continued by pressing the Green Burron. 2. Record Button -> The current servie continues to be displayed and will also be recorded, you can view this recording through the recording list.

To stop instant recording press the recording button, you get a menu then to choose when to stop the current recording.


Markers are points in the timefame of a recorded film that are stored within the meta data of the film, they allow you to quickly go to particular parts of the film.

Using and Settings the Markers. Shift and then Play (green) = Set (or delete) Marker Shift and then Forward (blue) = Jump to next Marker Shift and then Backward (red) = Jump to previous Marker

You can set more than one marker in one film.

Delete a Marker Jump to the Marker (Shift + Play ) and then quickly repeat the keystrokes If you are not quick enough then use the Pause key to stop the play , and then use Shift play.

Markers are shown as a red line on the timeline display in the OSD


Rotate Pictures

  1. Locate the picture in the data viewer
  2. Press the Menu Button
  3. Choose the entry to rotate the picture
  4. You can also rotate pictures by using the "<" and ">" keys