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A Dreambox should always be integrated in your home network.. Flashing, installing plugins,... is possible without network, but is quite laborious. And many users want to connect the Dreambox with a NAS (streaming), or use plugins which require an Internet connection.

If available, the wired network is preferred to integrate the Dreambox. But often this is not possible, depending on the location of the Dreambox. Alternatives for the wired network are Power Line Communication or WLAN.

Dreambox and WLAN

The DM 8000 HD PVR has an integrated WLAN Adapter, but many users are not satisfied with the performance. Other boxes (e.g. DM 7020 HD (v2)) are delivered with a WLAN USB Stick.

It's possible to buy a separate WLAN Stick, but the used chip must be supported. An overview of working sticks can be found here.

Product presentation of WNCE2001

You must consider 2 limitations with WLAN:

  • It's not possible to flash the Dreambox with the Webinterface (in the STOP mode the WLAN is not active).
  • the required WLAN drivers need to be installed.

So let's get back to the subject: integrate the Dreambox with a WLAN Bridge in the network.


We use the NETGEAR WNCE2001 as an example, because many users reported positively about the device. The price / performance ratio and the ease of use are rated positively.Of course, WLAN Bridges of other manufacturers can be used also.


The Dreambox is connected with the WNCE2001 by a network cable. For the Dreambox the connection is recognized as a wired connection to the network. The WLAN Bridge connects with the WLAN Router in the network and acts as a "bridge" between the Dreambox and the network.

Advantages of this system

  • Easy to configure, no drivers required. Only configure the WNCE2001 with standard settings and the Dreambox has a network connection.
  • Flashing over the Webinterface is possible.
  • Better WLAN performance, compared to the integrated WLAN of the DM 8000 HD PVR.
  • The USB port of the Dreambox can be used as power supply for the WNCE2001. When powering on/off the Dreambox, the WNCE2001 will also be switched on / off. An additional power adapter is also delivered, for Dreamboxes without USB connection (e.g. DM 500 HD).
  • WNCE2001 is small and easy to hide.

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