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Samba offers since 1992 a stable, secure and fast software, for file ans printer sharing. All clients which are compliant with SMB- and the modern CIFS protocol are supported. This includes Microsoft Windows, but of course also many other operating systems as Linux, Mac OS, BSD.

Samba is Free Software licensed under GNU General Public License.

Samba bei This article deals about the subject Samba for a Dreambox.
Wikipedia.en has also a general article about the subject Samba.
Ambox notice.png The following links explain how to install the Samba Server under the different Gemini Project versions. (not translated yet)
Ambox attention.png Keep in mind the standard Samba server is not offering an authentication with an user name and password. Every user can access the configured shares on the Dreambox.)

Gemini Project 3

Gemini Project 2

Gemini Project